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The Chadwick Lady Cardinals Volleyball Team will be hosting a co-ed volleyball tournament on Saturday, July 12, 2014.

The tournament will be held at the Chadwick High School gym and all proceeds will go to support our volleyball program.The cost is $10 per person.

Anyone who is interested in entering a team should contact Coach Amy VanHouden.

Hello Chadwick parents! We are preparing the 2014-2015 school year supply list for middle school students (5th-8th grade).  We are offering (and encouraging) students to purchase a prepackaged supply kit that we put together over the summer that will include the required supplies for core classes next year. We are able to order bulk, receive a school discount, and have tax exempt status on purchases. For this reason, we will be able to purchase supplies at a lower cost and lessen the burden on families. Students will still be able to express themselves through their pencil pouches, ear buds, locker accessories, and personalizing their binders. As students transition from elementary to high school, we feel the middle school years are a time to help them learn organizational skills, good study habits, and time management. We planned our supply list to help students be successful these tasks. If you choose not to purchase a packet through the school, please make sure your student(s) are prepared with all of the listed items on the first day of school.

At this time, we are putting a price of $22 on the packet but hope to have the price closer to $15. We will be very diligent in our purchases and find supplies as they go on sale. You will pay for the packet when you pick it up (We will have a couple times before school begins to pick up your packet and they will be available at open house). The money raised at the Middle School Bash will be used to offset the final price, too. We will be looking for donations of supplies from companies as well. If you have questions about the packet or know of a company that would like to help our students out with supplies, please email gideonm@chadwick.k12.mo.us. I would love to answer any questions you may have about this new option we are offering.

ALL CHADWICK MIDDLE SCHOOL PARENTS: Please click on the link below and let us know whether you will be purchasing a package. Your help and support are appreciated.


UPDATE 6/15/2014 –  Sorry, the deadline to order for the 2014-15 school year has passed, and the link has been removed.


Come to the Ag Building from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM May 5-14 to purchase flowers or other plants.


$7   Hanging Baskets
$2   Annual Flower 4-packs
(Species include Petunia, Impatient, Pansy, Vinca, and Begonia.)


$3   Tomatoes (Beefsteak)  4-packs
$5   Rosemary
$10 Boston Ferns

Contact FFA Adviser Mr. Ryan Meeks if you have additional questions.

Chadwick’s Haley House recently became the first member of Chadwick FFA to win a State Proficiency award.

Her experiences have encouraged her to attend College of the Ozarks, beginning next spring, and pursue a degree in conservation/wildlife management. House has also been accepted into the six-month Conservation Corps program and will gain even more experience this summer as she continues her work in Montana.

“I chose this project because I wanted to find something to do over the summer that involved traveling and some type of conservation work/learning experience,” she said.

While working in Yellowstone, Idaho and South Carolina, House rebuilt  pedestrian bridges by replacing rotting boards with weatherized timbers, weatherized the metal railings and reconstruct existing floating docks to ensure their safety and longevity.

“It is important to maintain the wood and metal on existing bridges, floating docks, and horse corrals to ensure safety for animals and people,” she said.

House also rebuilt visitor campsites,  replanted grass on a formerly-used trail to reestablish a wildlife-friendly environment and helped build retaining walls and waterways near the trails to help ensure their longevity.

“I wanted to learn as much about conservation management and wildlife habitat preservation as I could because I am interested in conservation and wildlife management as a future career,” she said. “I am intrigued by the wildlife management aspect I experienced in Yellowstone. They have successfully rebuilt wolf habitat and increased the population through relocation and tracking methods.”

-via Christian County Headliner

Public Notice of Hearing

The following is a hearing notice for the proposal of a new early childhood/ preschool building to be funded by the Start Smart Community Development Block Grant. Christian County Commission, Chadwick School Foundation, and Chadwick R-1 School District will work collaboratively to prepare this grant.

We are requesting the presence of our community to develop a needs assessment at the hearing and discuss a potential out-lay for the proposed building and site for building.  This is not necessarily a “Q and A” for the building as we have not been granted funding yet.

Please support the expansion of your Chadwick R-1 School District preschool program by attending!

Click here to download a copy of this notice or read below.


The Christian County Commission will hold a public hearing on Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at the Chadwick R-1 School District cafeteria located at 7090 State Hwy 125 South, Chadwick, MO 65629.  The purpose of the meeting is to consider the submission of an application for a Community Block Grant for the Chadwick R-1 School District.

The County will hear from the Chadwick R-1 School District and their proposal for the County to support the construction of an Early Childhood Education Facility in conjunction with Chadwick R-1 School District.  If the county accepts the proposal, the project, if funded, will benefit 54% low/moderate income persons.  The county would use grant funds of $1,000,000.00.  The project would be located in the Chadwick R-1 School District.   All citizens, including those in the Chadwick area, are encouraged to attend in order to comment on the proposed activities.  As part of the hearing process citizens will be asked to verbally assist in the completion of a “Needs Assessment” document.

The document will detail what the residents feel are the strengths and weaknesses of the Chadwick community.  The County needs as much local participation as possible to reflect the true desires of the Chadwick Community as a whole, as well as the comments relating to the proposed project application.  The State has established a maximum application request for each funding category.  Activities that are eligible for funding include the improvement of public works, public facilities, housing rehabilitation, and others allowed by law.  No displacement of persons will be proposed.   For more information contact Jacklyn Aldrich at Chadwick R-1 School: 417-634-3588 or email: countycommission@christiancountymo.gov


ethan-syd winners

The Chadwick School Foundation hosted its annual 5K event on Saturday, April 6, 2014.

Students and school staff were scheduled to make up a snow day that Saturday, but those who wanted to participate in the walk/run or the cheaper Baby Bird Run were encouraged to do so.

Alumnus Ethan Ruhland placed first in the 5K event with senior Sydney Guardiola taking second.

After the race, everyone was invited to the baseball field for an after party complete with hamburgers and hotdogs, kick ball, and live music from Sean Spyres and the Chadwick School band.

Up Next Entertainment was also on-hand with a bounce house and a live DJ.

The top 20 finishers were

1st Ethan Ruhland 23:06
2nd Sydney Gaurdiola 23:10
3rd Shawn Hollon 23:57
4th Hailey Stevens 23:58
5th Landon Rozell 25:10
6th Corey Taylor 25:44
7th Garret Gardner 27:49
8th Kevin Lassley 27:54
9th Ella Herd 29:21
10th TJ Sanchez 29:46
11th Matt Duzan 30:34
12th Travis Smith 31:14
13th Roger Rekate 31:14
14th Anna Hitt 32:59
15th Megan Hitt 33:31
16th Craig Preston 33:31
17th Stefanie Johnson 33:54
18th LeAnna Gilbert 34:55
19th Lauren Gilbert 34:45
20th Ashton Hitt 35:26

Other interesting notes about the top 20 finishers:

  • Sydney was the first Chadwick student to cross the finish line.
  • Chadwick alumnus Shawn Holland was the first finisher over thirty years old.
  • Junior Hailey Stevens was the first female to finish.
  • Fourth grader Garret Gardner was the first elementary student to finish.
  • Eighth grader T.J. Sanchez was the first to finish in middle school.
  • Mr. Duzan was the first teacher to finish.
  • Board members Travis Smith and Roger Rekate tied coming across the line.
  • Mrs. Goin’s son-in-law Craig Preston was the first person to cross the finish line with a child and a stroller.
  • The first mother-daughter pair to finish were LeAnna and Lauren Gilbert.