The Chadwick School Foundation hosted its annual 5K event on Saturday, April 11, 2015.

Students and school staff were scheduled to make up a snow day, but those who wanted to participate in the 5K Walk/Run or the cheaper Baby Bird Run were encouraged to do so.

Chadwick eighth grader Evan Smith placed first overall in a field of 120 registered runners with Matt Myers of Bois D’Arc  taking second. Official times are below. Continue Reading


Chadwick middle school and high school students traveled to Bradleyville to participate in the Mark Twain Conference Math Competition today.
The competition consisted of each student taking a test covering the math topics they have been studying this year.  Those tests were then scored and ranked.
Three Chadwick students made it into the top of the rankings: senior Taylor McMullen, who placed fifth in Pre-Calculus; seventh grader Lauren Gilbert, who placed third in 7th Grade Math; and sophomore Haley Farris, who placed first in Geometry.

Some students may not be aware that Chadwick School has its own school song. Music teacher Mr. Sean Spyres has been trying to spread the word and get more and more Chadwick students and alumni to learn the words so the song can be sung at special events.

The tune is the same as Cornell’s alma mater “Far above Cayuga’s Waters.”  Here are the lyrics:

Hail to thee our Chadwick High School.
We are proud of thee.
Built among the hills we love so
There for all to see.
True to her
We’ll always be.
We’ll hold her banner high.
We are proud to honor Chadwick.
Let her banner fly.


In honor of National Nutrition Month and Heart Health, Chadwick Elementary School students had the opportunity to see the popular traveling exhibit, Food Power Adventure.

The exhibit allowed kindergarten through fifth grade students to learn about their bodies, how food travels through it, and how to keep their hands clean. FFA members and other high school students presented the information.

After the presentation, the Chadwick PTO provided healthy rainbow-colored fruits and vegetables for snacks, and Hiland Dairy donated Greek yogurt so the students could enjoy a healthy snack before they went back to class.

Special education teacher Mrs. Jacklyn Aldrich helped organize the event. She said, “We want students to know that it’s just as easy to buy yogurt or celery as to pick up a bag of chips.”